Cooperative leadership style and high individual responsibility

We are convinced that people are looking for a meaning and a mission in their economic actions, in which they can develop their personality.

The famous Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl expressed it with these words:

"It's not the actual profession as such, but each of us, be it personally or specifically, accounting for the uniqueness of our existence, coming into our own in our work and thus making life meaningful or not."

(The WALTER GROUP has supported the Viktor Frankl center in Vienna since it was founded in 2004. It promotes the dissemination of the teachings and thoughts of Viktor Frankl.)


Our corporate philosophy is based on a cooperative management style and great confidence in our employees. They effectively act as entrepreneurs with a high level of individual responsibility.


A real sense of family also corresponds to this basic attitude and long-term relationships with our employees are important to us. We see social responsibility as an essential element for sustainable business success.


Cultural diversity and social commitment

The WALTER GROUP strives to attract the best talents from every European country for the company. We appreciate the cultural diversity and support numerous activities to maintain our social contacts. We advocate a healthy lifestyle and give our full support to employees who undertake sporting and fitness activities.


In addition, WALTER GROUP offers all employees and business partners the security of a healthy, financially-strong private company.


We provide our customers with high-quality services in harmony with nature and the environment, and thus want to make a lasting contribution to economic prosperity and social cohesion.

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