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Our Sales Managers are each responsible for a specific area in Europe. Through regular business travel, you personally advise and take care of your Key Accounts customers on-site, develop relationships with current customers whilst acquiring new ones too.


This role requires good communication skills and a strong desire to travel. Because this job can take you from Dublin to Moscow and from Helsinki to Naples, just like that.


To continually develop a market, you often have to take a new direction. Above all, reliability and flexibility are required. If you have a real passion for sales, you meet all the requirements for this job.


Your job:

  • You will maintain contacts and expand our order volumes with existing customers
  • You will look after regular customers and key accounts
  • You will acquire new customers
  • You will calculate and negotiate prices and conditions
  • You will process offers and international tenders
  • You will regularly travel to the regions you oversee
  • You will analyse the flow of goods in the regions you oversee
  • You will continue to strategically develop our market position in the respective region

Michael M., Sales Manager:
"I think it's great to work in a young and success-orientated team. Soon after leaving high school I was assigned responsibility for the first time and I was allowed to complete business trips at home and abroad. I like the fact that I'm not chained to my desk."


Anastasiya K., Sales Managerin:
"In my job I meet lots of interesting people, I travel through half of Europe and I constantly experience new things."

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