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From the booking to unloading the goods, our Transport Managers check each individual transport order and ensure a smooth implementation.


Your role as a Transport Manager is to network customers and transport partners throughout Europe. You will maintain direct contact with the drivers and accurately monitor the transport. You will converge all information. This means that your daily work is characterised by intensive communication. We see teamwork as a key to success.


You will work independently in small teams, as "entrepreneurs" within the company (Profit Centre). You plan your economic goals and take on commercial responsibility.


Your job:

  • You will act as an interface between customers from industry and trade and our transport partners
  • You will organise and manage international transports (road transports and Combined Transport)
  • You will be solely responsible for carrying out purchasing and sales negotiations
  • You will be the contact partner for renowned global players
  • You will travel to our business partners throughout Europe
  • You will analyse and optimise our international flow of goods
  • You will independently analyse the results with our management information system

Stefanie K., Transport Managerin:
"Every day brings new challenges. Working closely with customers and transport partners not only improves our language skills but you also get to know different characters and cultures. In our office nobody is sitting alone in a room; we work together in coordinated teams. I look forward to the good working atmosphere every day."


Dieter S., Transport Manager:
The versatility of my job inspires me: it's all about attracting customers, taking care of transport partners, going on business trips, and developing markets. In addition, I can use and expand my language skills."

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