You can also benefit from the advantages of Combined Transport Rail/Road and Short Sea Shipping

1. Secure your load capacities

Road transport in Europe is continually increasing. Freight space is limited at peak times. Secure long-term additional fixed load capacities in combined transport!

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2. Forget traffic jams, driving bans and transport restrictions

Rail and ship modes of transport are not subject to driving bans on weekends, at night time or on public holidays, and they never experience traffic jams.

3. Modern equipment – easy and safe loading

Over 8,000 trailers which can be lifted by crane – certified in accordance with EN 12642 XL – allow quick and safe handling of your shipments.

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4. GPS tracking included

All trailers are equipped with a telematics system. So you always know where your goods are.

5. Increase your loading capacities – reduce your expenditure

Combined Transport allows a higher loading weight of up to 29 tonnes. This reduces loading and unloading processes, as well as reducing your administration expenditure and your costs.

6. Take advantage of the high flexibility

Do you want to use your staff resources more effectively and avoid peak times when loading or unloading? Then use our stand trailer system. Make a flexible decision about whether to load or unload your goods now, later or at night! This will help you use your loading staff at full capacity, and avoid costly delays and additional staff costs.

7. Your contribution to the environment and social responsibility

You can considerably reduce pollutant emissions, especially the greenhouse gas CO2, in relation to road transport. By ~ 55 % in combined transport "rail" and by ~ 75 % in combined transport "Short Sea Shipping". The environment, society, and last but not least, your customers will thank you for it! LKW WALTER - CO2 Chart

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