How Combined Transport works play
  • LKW WALTER charters long-term fixed capacities on ferries and trains – from single wagons (pocket wagons) to complete trains ("company trains").


  • Our transport managers organise the feeder services (pre-carriage) by truck to the Combined Transport terminal/port with specially trained drivers.


  • The entire trailer is lifted onto the train or towed onto the ship. Your goods are not transshipped!


  • The trailers cover the main route to the destination station or port by rail or short-sea shipping transportation.


  • Upon arrival at the destination station or port the delivery feeder service is carried out by truck (on-carriage).


  • Using GPS tracking our transport managers monitor the transport from pick-up to delivery via our "Fleeture Portal" – the in-house transport monitoring system from LKW WALTER.


  • Depending on requirements, we develop new transport routes in combined transport for our customers.


Road – rail combined transport:

Road – Short Sea Shipping combined transport:

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