The Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence - The digital age opens up many new opportunities. It speeds up change. It connects many areas in a company. In addition, it influences the way that we work and communication with our customers and partners.

Digital transport monitoring

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LKW WALTER works hard on optimising processes using digital solutions. We simplify and automate transports with our new technologies and concepts. Our aim is to integrate all participants and processes along the supply chain, increase transparency and data quality and speed up information and data flows.

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Your digitalisation advantages in detail

Information lead through transport monitoring Information lead through transport monitoring

Information lead through transport monitoring

Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art telematics and monitoring occurs automatically. The systems continuously calculate the estimated time of arrival (ETA) taking into consideration the driver's remaining travel time and the current traffic. So we always know where your load is and when it reaches the loading or unloading point. In the event of unplanned deviations, our Transport Manager receives information immediately and can check alternative solutions.

Keep an eye on your transports! Of course you can track the entire transport process and the ETA yourself. Our CONNECT customer platform provides you with corresponding real-time information from placement of the order to unloading. You can use this extra knowledge to optimise your processes.


  • Timely information
  • Optimised use of the loading ramps
  • Avoiding standstills
  • Improved customer service
  • Automatisation of your processes
Customised transport execution Customised transport execution

Customised transport execution

LKW WALTER offers you customised transport solutions. For this, we need to make all the information about your specific requirements available to our employees at all times. For this reason, we store your transport-relevant customer information in ONE central knowledge database.

In addition, we can take into consideration the way you work by using the "Business Rule Configurator". This enables us to manage your business processes and define individual and automated monitoring processes. This allows precise management of the entire transport process, increasing the efficiency in planning and implementation.


Taking into consideration individual requirements in planning & implementation:
  • Opening hours
  • Advice notes
  • Load securing equipment and much more
Fully informed drivers through the LOADS TODAY app Fully informed drivers through the LOADS TODAY app

Fully informed drivers through the LOADS TODAY app

A good driver is one of the main factors for a successful transport. Our LOADS TODAY app makes a significant contribution to this. It shortens the learning phase for new drivers and provides them with information about your individual requirements.

With "virtual checkpoints", we focus on your individual factory regulations. If the driver enters a check point set up by us, he receives the instructions for your loading or unloading point on the LOADS TODAY app. Providing him with the right information at the right time.

In addition, app-based e-learning provides drivers with subject-specific content in a simple form. For example, about personal protective equipment or measures to improve load securing.


  • Shortened learning phase for drivers
  • Optimal service during execution of transport
  • Easy to understand e-learning with images & videos
Your goods in safe hands Your goods in safe hands

Your goods in safe hands

The best possible transport safety is guaranteed by LKW WALTER through various measures. For example, only certified drivers work for us. In addition, we select the fastest and safest transport route while taking planned delivery times into consideration.

If your goods are in transit, we monitor the transport around the clock with modern telematics systems. During breaks, our drivers are obliged to use audited and secure parking spaces. Our customised "Geofencing" automatically informs you of the vehicle's arrival at the loading and unloading points.


  • Improving transport safety
  • Use of audited parking spaces
  • Avoidance of "No-Go" zones
Flexible capacities for fluctuating volumes Flexible capacities for fluctuating volumes

Flexible capacities for fluctuating volumes

Thanks to our collaboration with an above-average number of certified transport partners, we are able to respond extremely quickly to seasonal or cyclical changes in demand.

At the touch of a button, we identify which trucks are currently available and in your area in our company-wide overview of loading capacity. Thus, we avoid the (time-)intensive search for suitable loading space.

Our Transport Managers make sure to avoid empty mileage and combine available capacities in order to respond flexibly to your requirements. In addition, through sustainable planning we ensure that there is enough loading capacity for you, even in times of high volatility.


  • Additional capacities
    - throughout Europe
    - on the road and in Combined Transport
  • Exclusively audited transport partners
CONNECT - an overview of your orders with just one click CONNECT - an overview of your orders with just one click

CONNECT - an overview of your orders with just one click

On our CONNECT customer platform, you can easily and quickly handle your transport orders. You submit your booking online, receive information about the truck and can directly access freight documents.

You can also follow the progress of your transport live on CONNECT. From placing the order to unloading, you receive information about the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for your load and milestones already completed. In case of unplanned events such as a traffic jam, you are always in the picture.

CONNECT is available in 27 languages and works hand in hand with the LOADS TODAY app. The driver confirms completed miletones such as completed loading and saves them in the app. You will automatically receive this information in the customer platform. This means that you have an overview of your orders at all times.


  • Available around the clock (24/7)
  • Order overview with current transport status
  • Freight documents to download

Customer platform CONNECT

Connectivity Connectivity


LKW WALTER uses the latest technologies to make working with you even more efficient. As a result, we continuously optimise the transport processes and automate them where it is feasible and sensible. This results in many advantages. For example, less administration for repetitive processes.

For us, optimising transport processes means adapting to your IT. Through our standardised Application Programming Interface we offer you the possibility to automate your processes and to contribute to an efficient and fast data exchange.

Important: We process almost all formats! For example, the electronic data interchange. On request, individual IT solutions can also be used.


  • Taking over your data - 100% data quality
  • Automatic status and position reports
  • Technically and operatively secure processing

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Digitialisation creates many new potentials and opportunities. LKW WALTER uses these with intelligent solutions that simplify and automate processes, and continually increase the transport quality. In other words: LKW WALTER is shaping tomorrow's transport future today.

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