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Tiedot marraskuu 2022

Automotive Transports – all our expertise now in one single department at LKW WALTER

What can a transport organisation do to impress companies in the automotive industry? It can ensure a precision landing. Anything that arrives too late will disrupt the production process and, in the worst case, can lead to a line stoppage. That is why the cooperation of carriers with companies in the automotive sector only achieves long-term and sustainable success if the demanding requirements are fully understood and met. Meeting these requirements day after day also means constant improvement, constant optimisation of all processes involved. For this reason, we have combined all of our automotive knowledge into one independent department.

Automotive expertise combined & refined

Compared with transports in day-to-day business, the handling of transports in the automotive sector requires a much higher degree of specialisation. Expertise is not only required from employees, but also from transport partners, which we select carefully and supervise intensively. This happens at LKW WALTER in a newly-established automotive-department, which exclusively serves customers from the automotive sector. In this team, technical know-how is combined with our highest linguistic and operational standards in order to advance & develop according to our clients’ needs.

(Environmentally) conscious cooperation

Our automotive transports all pursue one overriding goal: environmental protection. In Austria, only emission-free cars will be allowed for registration by 2035. The climate targets for the transport sector are no less ambitious. LKW WALTER has been relying on combined transport for many years; an excellent solution fully in line with the climate targets and environmental measures demanded by customers today. Moreover, it not only carries the label "sustainable", but also offers the great advantage of enabling larger loading capacities. It is therefore logical that the number of full truck loads increases every year, with already more than 14,000 craneable trailers running via combined transport. Read more in the article "Over 14,000 craneable trailers for the first time!".

Not too early and not too late - Just in Sequence (JIS)

Precise coordination is essential for automotive transports. Whether Just in Sequence or Just in Time, our specialists must precisely coordinate every step in order to provide the best possible support for our customers' production lines and anticipate fluctuations in demand. To avoid emergencies caused by such fluctuations, we combine modern technology with years of industry experience, and are able to predict transport times while constantly verifying them with Transport Monitoring.

Making the most out of modern technology

The progress in digital topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Big Data allows us to constantly improve our service. With the latest control concepts and state-of-the-art IT solutions, we can anticipate challenges and develop solutions proactively. The result is high customer satisfaction due to our streamlined processes and the trust in our transport solutions.

Are you looking for an automotive specialist who can meet your high demands?