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With tradition dating back to 1924, and a customer base including international corporations as well as small and medium sized enterprises (SME) all over Europe, your Full Truck Load is in safe hands with LKW WALTER. We have developed and strengthened since then, and our industry leading cargo road haulage services currently boast key benefits such as:
Road Haulage Company
  • Road Haulage services covering the whole of the UK, Europe, Russia, North Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East
  • Your own dedicated multilingual Transport Manager speaking the languages that matter to you, the goods handlers and the vehicle driver.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of efficient tractor units and Multimodal Transport (Rail and Short Sea Shipping).


Come and discover how the leading International road haulage company does it!

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LKW WALTER welcomes you to the digital age!

To enhance information exchange the digital customer platform “CONNECT” has been developed and is free for you to use for all of your haulage requirements. You can now conveniently and flexibly book your full truck loads around the clock, wherever you are! Key benefits include:


  • For transporting your freight enter orders online and directly to the responsible Transport Manager
  • Overview and updates of all your freight loads in real time
  • Instantly find the correct contact person relating to your freight

Your Reliable Road Haulage Solution

For reliable logistics you require highly trained drivers who are the masters of their vehicle. LKW WALTER’s driver training programme ensures that drivers are performing to a consistently high standard. Regular driver information days concerning vehicle security, training events and one-to-one meetings between drivers and transport managers highlights the fact that safety and efficiency is at the forefront of our shipping solutions.


Should your freight require specialised safety equipment please get in touch with us! Our employees speak more than 35 languages and come from over 40 countries, therefore any queries that you have can be answered in the Western or Eastern European language that matters to you!


Trust the best and established with your freight

LKW WALTER, your road haulage company, is devoted to delivering its customers consistently high quality services, and as such is a member of numerous international organisations, such as:


  • The International Road Transport Union (IRU)
  • International Federation of Freight Forwarders (FIATA)
  • Transport Asset Protection Association (Tapa)


Over and above these memberships, LKW WALTER has committed itself to continually focus on the areas of Safety, Security, Health, the Environment and Quality through its SSHE-Q management program, operational since 1999.

We care for the environment

Through using intermodal transport services such as rail and/or ship for transporting goods, LKW WALTER proves that efficient and cost-effective freight haulage does not contradict with climate protection.


This not only offers you peace-of-mind that your industry leading haulier looks after the environment, but also the advantage that traffic congestion and driving restrictions are a thing of the past! Not to mention the increased loading capacity and the reduction to your workload.

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