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Etkinlikler Temmuz 2023

Transport partners and drivers as guests in Wiener Neudorf

Wiener Neudorf - Transport partners at LKW WALTER enjoyed a successful event on June 23 and 24, when managing directors and drivers from Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia met. The two-day get together offered a wealth of activities, including the TrainTheTrainer session on Friday evening and the Driver Information Day on Saturday.

TrainTheTrainer provided an excellent opportunity to discuss current issues and share best practices. Participants had the opportunity to learn from the experiences and insights of DEKRA representatives and gain new ideas for their own operations. The meeting was rounded off by a joint dinner, where participants were able to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.


On the following Saturday, the driver information day took place, which was designed for the drivers of the transport partners. The event offered exciting training sessions on various topics. For example, there was training directly on the trailer together with DEKRA and various load securing exercises. A special highlight was the alcohol prevention course with special glasses, where drivers can test their skills and reaction times under a simulated state of intoxication. This activity was designed to highlight the importance of sober driving and the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol.


Another topic covered on Saturday was digitalization in the transportation industry. Drivers had the opportunity to learn more about the features of LOADS TODAY and other digital solutions that make the transportation process more efficient and transparent.


The event was a great success and offered transport partners and drivers the opportunity to learn more, discuss current topics and have fun in a relaxed atmosphere with culinary highlights. In particular, the exciting quizzes with top-class prizes whet the appetite for the next events.