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Informations avril 2024

Electrolux and LKW WALTER: 20 years of partnership

Long-term partnerships transcend simple business relations, as they offer the opportunity to strive for joint development. In the 20-year partnership between LKW WALTER and Electrolux, such shared progress has undoubtedly taken place. For this reason, we would like to take a closer look at this outstanding cooperation and have invited Marcelo Marcal, the Director Purchasing Logistics at Electrolux Group, to talk to Erich Bergmann, Sales Director at LKW WALTER.

Long-term partnership as the key to success

What began with road transports is now a cooperation embracing modern technology, pursuing sustainable goals, and focusing on a streamlined & future-proof supply chain. Electrolux makes use of the wide range of services offered by LKW WALTER: from combined transport and standby trailers, to trial runs with the eCMR. To ensure further forward progression, the decision has been made to formalise the cooperation on a long-term basis. “LKW WALTER and Electrolux have been working together for more than 20 years. We are united by professionalism in our approach, common goals on fundamental issues such as sustainability, and an innovative vision that is always looking for new ways to improve,” states Marcelo Marcal. This lays the foundation necessary to achieve the ambitious goals of the two companies.

Erich Bergmann, Sales Director, in conversation with Marcelo Marcal, Director Purchasing, about the long-standing partnership between Electrolux and LKW WALTER:

Carbon neutrality by 2030

One of these ambitious goals set by Electrolux Group is company-wide CO2 neutrality by 2030: "Electrolux has committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 80 percent by 2025. In addition, we aim to be carbon neutral by 2030." In this respect, the transport of goods takes on an enormously important role. Together with LKW WALTER, they move a large proportion of their shipments using combined transport by rail or ship. This sustainable solution helps to save over 2,500 tons of CO2 already per year. This impressive figure is evidenced by the CO2 certificate presented this year in Kufstein.

Erich Bergmann, Sales Director, in conversation with Marcelo Marcal, Director Purchasing, about emissions reduction and combined transport:

Standby trailers: the rolling stock at Electrolux

The successful use of standby trailers at Electrolux is an integral part of this collaboration. Such a rolling warehouse has an enormous number of advantages that have an impact on the efficiency of the supply chain. Due to loading and unloading at any time, drivers save time and warehouse processes are optimised. At the same time, standby trailers also increase warehouse capacities. Marcelo Marcal is certain of the benefits, which is why Electrolux has standby trailers in use at all of its sites in Italy and at the site in Olawa, Poland.

Erich Bergmann, Sales Director, in conversation with Marcelo Marcal, Director Purchasing, about the use of standby trailers at Electrolux:

Tomorrow’s innovation, tested today: the eCMR

Alongside sustainable transport solutions, one of the big topics in the industry is digitalisation. Here too, the partnership between Electrolux and LKW WALTER comes up trumps: with initial tests of the eCMR already taking place, transport can be rendered even more efficient and paper resources are saved. For Marcelo, another advantage is agility: "Instant proof of delivery makes us even more flexible and competitive." These early trial runs of a technology still in its infancy, are a vital step forwards for Electrolux and for all LKW WALTER customers, as the experience gained allows for immediate improvements in anticipation of future rollouts.

Erich Bergmann, Sales Director, in conversation with Marcelo Marcal, Director Purchasing, about eCMR technology:

Strong partnerships for future challenges

Our long-standing partnership with Electrolux is something to be proud of; through a shared vision, we have achieved remarkable success. Such stories are what continue to inspire us, challenge us, and drive us in delivering excellence to all customers, each and every day.

About Electrolux Group

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