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GREEN transport - LKW WALTER

GREEN transport

We care for our ENVIRONMENT

Sustainability and protection of the environment are among the current key topics in society, the economy and of course in the transport industry. At LKW WALTER these topics are not just trendy buzz words but are a reality achieved over recent decades.

LKW WALTER is today among the leading companies in Europe that offer environmentally friendly transport solutions - with a CO2 reduction of over 329,000 to per year.

The brand "GREEN transport" stands for the following

  • Increased use of transport partners with environmentally friendly equipment (EURO 6)
  • Continual expansion of our combined transport network road/rail since 1984
  • Optimisation of transport planning - further reduction of empty mileage (round trip philosophy)
  • Constant investment in the latest combined transport equipment
  • Increased use of the environmentally friendly transport alternative "Short Sea Shipping".
  • "Commitment" to shift road transports to rail and ship modes of transport as part of Combined Transport