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Social responsibility - LKW WALTER

Social responsibility

As the employer, my contribution towards the sustainable economic success of LKW WALTER is to attract the best talents from across Europe to our company. We started as a small, family-run company - today we are a large family, whose task is to achieve a sustainable and long-lasting contribution to economic well-being and social cohesion, in unity with our environment and with nature.

Excerpt from a speech by our company founder

Responsible communication and dealings with our colleagues, customers and business partners has accompanied the development of LKW WALTER from the beginning, and has long since been an integral part of our company culture.
Our Social Responsibility

Our commitment to social responsibility rests on 3 pillars:

Our Environmental Responsibility

Our commitment to social responsibility rests on 3 pillars:

Our commitment to social responsibility rests on 3 pillars:

Our Social Responsibility

We adhere to our social responsibility and maintain an open dialogue with customers, suppliers, authorities and society. We support humanitarian relief projects as well as the social initiative of our colleagues, in the form of financial benefits, donations in kind as well as personal assignments. In particular, we are involved with the improvement of teaching projects in schools and universities.
We maintain a co-operative management style giving our employees a large amount of personal responsibility and we reward their personal commitment through performance related pay. Furthermore, we offer a fascinating international work surrounding, which offers a wide range of perspectives and allows both personal and job-related development. In the business we promote a healthy way of life and strongly support sporting and fitness activities on a wider basis.
truck driving safety training
As a large transport organisation, we feel obliged to increase the safety on Europe's roads. Therefore we have developed a Driver Training booklet, as well as a Driver Handbook and developed extensive measures, in order to increase the driver's professional training. Furthermore, we are involved in various European working groups, in order to improve the working conditions for truck drivers and to standardise the safety of loads in Europe. In 2004, as a consequence of our efforts, LKW WALTER signed the "European Charter for Road Safety". The aim of the charter is to continually reduce the number of deaths on European roads.

Our Environmental Responsibility

Responsible Care
LKW WALTER has a long tradition of showing a joint responsibility, which can be seen through the way we conduct business. In the 1950's it was already standard to plan trucks exclusively to make round trips which reduce empty mileage.

In 1984 LKW WALTER began to switch from road transport to rail transport, in order to reduce toxic emissions. In the nineties the enviromental activities were further intensified and a broad enviromental management system was developed.

Today our extensive environmental activies are rated as being "exemplary in the transport sector" by external auditors. 


Included in our on-site environmental activity


  • environmentally-friendly purchasing of all products and services
  • the reduction of water usage as well as energy efficient warm water treatment
  • waste reduction and prevention 
  • the optimisation of energy consumption through building control systems 
  • environmental education and motivation of employees to be environmentally-friendly 
  • considerate usage of resources when travelling


We pay particular attention to external environmental measures


  • further education of truck drivers in the area of environmentally friendly, defensive driving
  • optimal transport planning to reduce empty mileage 
  • cooperation with international organisations to improve environmental standards 
  • development of the unaccompanied, combined transport- "rail/road" and "Short Sea Shipping".


By shifting from road transport to "rail" and "Short Sea Shipping" carriers, we considerably reduce polluting emissions, in particular greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. In 2023 LKW WALTER carried out more than 579,000 intermodal journeys throughout Europe. This activity alone reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 329,000 tonnes.


More information about LKW WALTER's enviromental management system can be found in the latest company report: "Our road to the future"

Sustainable Economic Activity

Head office Vienna/Wiener Neudorf
For the management of LKW WALTER, sustainable economic activity means managing the company so that it remains stable and develops successfully in the long term. LKW WALTER is growing with a wider outlook- in line with and under the consideration of economical, ecological and corporately social goals. Our main values were specified in the statement of the management. They are the foundations of our sustainable economic activity.

Statements of the management