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Combined transport montage - ferry and moving train

Combined transport - Sustainable and flexible

With combined transport, different modes of transport such as trucks, trains and ships are optimally combined to handle transport as environmentally-friendly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Since the beginning of the eighties LKW WALTER has developed intermodal transport solutions, which offer significant benefits and environmentally-oriented surpluses.

7 good reasons for Combined Transport

Secure your load capacities

Road transport in Europe is continually increasing. Freight space is limited at peak times. Secure long-term additional fixed load capacities in combined transport.

Forget about traffic jams and driving restrictions

Rail and ship modes of transport are not subject to driving bans on weekends, at night time or on public holidays, and they never experience traffic jams.

State-of-the-art equipment

Over 15,000 trailers which can be lifted by crane – certified in accordance with EN 12642 XL – allow quick and safe handling of your shipments.

Find out more about our equipment in combined transport

GPS tracking included

All our trailers are equipped with a telematics system. So you always know where your goods are.

Increase your loading capacity

Combined Transport allows a higher loading weight of up to 29 tonnes. This reduces loading and unloading processes, as well as reducing your administration expenditure and your costs.

Take advantage of the high flexibility

Our stand trailer system gives you the flexibility to decide when to load and unload your goods - straight away, later, or even at night, just as you like! This will help you use your loading staff at full capacity, and avoid costly delays and additional staff costs.

Your contribution to the environment and social responsibility

You can considerably reduce pollutant emissions, especially the greenhouse gas CO2, in relation to road transport. In combined transport the reduction potential is up to 90%.

Combined transport connections

With more than 300 daily departures on more than 250 Short Sea and rail routes in combined transport, LKW WALTER links all the important European business centres.
Combined transport network

AT - Austria

BE - Belgium

CH - Switzerland

CZ - Czechia

DE - Germany

ES - Spain

FI - Finland

FR - France

GB - Great Britain

GR - Greece

HU - Hungary

IE - Ireland

IT - Italy

LU - Luxembourg

MA - Morocco

NL - Netherlands

NO - Norway

PL - Poland

PT - Portugal

RO - Romania

RU - Russia

SE - Sweden

SI - Slovenia

SK - Slovakia

TN - Tunisia

TR - Türkiye