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Consumer Goods

Consumer goods transports - International transports with curtain-sided trucks

Do you want flexible transport solutions in order to respond quickly to the demand behaviour of consumers? Do you also want to minimise the safety risks of your international transports? Then LKW WALTER is your transport organisation!


The consumer goods industry is affected by seasonal fluctuations. Knowing this, LKW WALTER organises full truck loads for those products in the consumer goods industry that are transported by means of curtain-sided trailers on the road and in Combined Transport. These include selected drinks, white and brown goods, detergents, sanitary products, cereals, animal feed and much more.

Every year, we transport more than 325,000 full truck loads for our customers from the consumer goods industry.

7 good reasons for our collaboration

  • Consumers are changing their demand behaviour at an ever faster rate. Those who want to keep up with this pace need to respond to it just as quickly. At best with LKW WALTER. Because with our stable and fast transport solutions, you also benefit in times of particularly high or fluctuating demand.


    LKW WALTER knows the typical seasonal and weekly fluctuations in consumer goods. We understand that there are times with different transport requirements. Due to our size and the dense transport partner network throughout Europe, we can compensate for fluctuating peaks in demand. As your professional partner for full truck loads, we provide you with sufficient loading space.

  • LKW WALTER organises your international consumer goods transports. Be it Europe, Russia, Central Asia, North Africa or the Middle East - rely on transport solutions from ONE hand!


    As an international company, LKW WALTER works for both numerous well-known corporate groups and many small and regional companies in the consumer goods industry. From our two locations (Wiener Neudorf/Vienna and Kufstein/Tyrol), we organise and coordinate full truck loads throughout Europe and beyond.


    Put your trust in our years of experience with consumer goods transports and our Europe-wide network of transport partners.


    Our international markets

  • LKW WALTER trailer on industrial premises

    The use of modern equipment is an important reason why LKW WALTER transports run smoothly. On our standard vehicles with up to 34 Euro pallet spaces, we use additional load securing equipment for even more safety.


    The transport of consumer goods begins with selecting suitable equipment. Specifically, we transport your goods wih 13.6 m curtain-sided trailers (tautliners and mega trailers) as standard.


    Our trailer standard:


    • Telematics systems in all trailers
    • 20 pcs. straps
    • Customs seal


    Transport-suitable packaging of consumer goods, form-fit loading and efficient load securing play important roles when transporting. Because you know your goods best, the responsibiity for the correct stowage lies with you. Please note that we can only safely transport well-packaged and stowed goods.


    LKW WALTER provides extra safety by carrying load securing equipment such as edge protectors, anti-slip mats, etc.


    Equipment available for combined transport

  • Combined transport

    Environmental protection, social responsibility and sustainability have been lived values at LKW WALTER for decades. Among others, LKW WALTER was awarded the "Gold Recognition Level" by EcoVardis.


    Since 1984, we have been continuously expanding our rail/road Combined Transport network and significantly reducing the CO2 emissions of other exhaust gases compared to road transport. With more than 15,000 cranable trailers and 250 short-sea and rail routes, LKW WALTER connects the most important hotspots in Europe.


    Your advantages in Combined Transport:


    • Payload up to 29 tonnes
    • No traffic jams and driving bans
    • Monitoring via GPS tracking


    With more than 300,000 tonnes of CO2 reduction each year we make a significant contribution to climate protection.


    Combined transport

  • Perfect time slot management

    Well-trained transport managers and state-of-the-art IT systems support you in the exact planning and efficient handling of your transports. By providing stand-by trailers, we also offer you a flexible loading solution.


    For sufficient loading capacities and best-possible ramp utilisation, excellent time slot management is absolutely essential. LKW WALTER supports you in this.


    Accurate transport planning reduces waiting times during loading or unloading and therefore increases efficiency. In addition, we can provide you with standby equipment, subject to request. This allows you to decide when you are loading or unloading your goods and to make the most of your loading staff.


    In addition, standby equipment allows you to create additional loading space on site and avoid the time-consuming search for an additional warehouse.

  • Highest standards for maximum safety

    Thanks to the highest safety standards, your consumer goods are protected through the entire transport. From loading to unloading. Our transport monitoring informs you in real time about the current location of your load.


    LKW WALTER stands for reliable and safe transport solutions. In close collaboration with TAPA, and in an intensive exchange with its members, we create reliable solutions for maximum transport safety. In addition, we are continuously working together on improvements.


    Additional security measures for you:


    • When planning the route, we incorporate safe parking spaces.
    • Our transport partners receive regular training and are familiar with the increased safety requirements.
    • Transport monitoring via GPS guarantees additional security.


    Working together with organisations

  • Transport manager

    Our employees come from more than 40 countries and speak to you and your partners in your language. An equally high level of communication compatibility exists between your and our IT systems. We guarantee a fast and easy exchange of data.


    Our well-trained employees guarantee the highest standards along the entire value chain. In particular, our transport managers optimise the entire process from the transport organisation to the unloading. In doing so, they communicate with you and your business partners in your native language.


    Beyond that we also know the global standards of GS1 for optimising value chains and we consistently apply these in daily practice.

International transports with curtain-sided trucks

"Consumer Goods" fact box

  • Trade is the prototype of ecnonomic activity with scarce goods.
  • The first home deliveries took place in ancient times.
  • Trade took place as countertrade 6,000 B.C. already.
  • After crude oil, coffee is the next most important commodity.
  • The first coffee house was opened in Venice in 1645.
  • The barcode was developed in 1949.
  • The invention of "online transaction processing" marked the beginning of online shopping.
  • 1984 was the first time a consumer made an "online" purchase.

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