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Electronics transports - Customised safety concepts

Are you looking for a partner who responds to trends and fluctuations in the electrical industry with the right measures? Who informs you about the current location of your goods at all times, fulfills your demanding safety requirements and minimises transport risks - welcome to LKW WALTER, your electronics transporter!

LKW WALTER delivers customised solutions with short transit times for the entire time-sensitive supply chain of the electronics industry. We organise the transport of components right through to end products to both direct customers and distribution centres.

LKW WALTER organises more than 210,000 full truck loads annually for the electronics industry.

7 good reasons for our collaboration

  • LKW WALTER guarantees responsible handling of your load during the entire transport. Rely on our numerous safety concepts, which we are constantly expanding and improving with the help of state-of-the-art technology.


    Because of our years of experience, we know about the specific challenges involved in transporting sophisticated electronic products. For this reason, we are familiar with the TAPA standards, we have developed a wide range of services and established our own Security Management Team. The latter evaluates the risks of transport processes and ensures:


    • Optimal route analysis
    • Selection and evaluation of secure parking spaces
    • Development of preventive measures


    As the European market leader for full truck loads, LKW WALTER continuously invests in the expansion and improvement of safety concepts. For example, we monitor transports and route using "Geofencing".

  • Transport Management

    As part of our comprehensive services, with LKW WALTER you benefit from seamless transport monitoring and shipment tracking in live format. We use state-of-the-art telematics systems and special procedures such as routing or 24/7 monitoring.


    LKW WALTER optimises the delivery process and keeps journey times as short as possible. Among other things, this works because we take fixed deliveries and statutory rest and driving periods into account right from the planning. With routing we define routes where necessary. Deviations from planned routes are checked using accurate GPS tracking.


    Upon request, an external monitoring centre provides around-the-clock monitoring and real-time information about your load.

  • Best trained drivers

    LKW WALTER only works with qualified and certified transport partners. Because we know from many years of experience: highly trained, informed and motivated drivers are the foundation for first-class transport services.


    Our drivers are on the road for you. Every day. From west to east. From north to south. Each new transport partner undergoes a demanding selection process with strict criteria. In this way LKW WALTER guarantees certified and qualified driver competence and therefore maximum safety for your goods.


    You should also bear in the mind that a continuous education is very important to us. We organise targeted driver training for this reason. As part of this training, we prepare drivers for the specifics of the electronics industry and inform them about current (safety) topics. If necessary, we carry out special security audits.

  • Due to years of industry experience, LKW WALTER is able to respond to seasonal fluctuations at very short notice. For example, in the Christmas business or on "Black Friday". We always offer sufficient loading space!


    In fact, LKW WALTER guarantees fast deliveries even with increasing deadline pressure, ever shorter delivery times and short-term increases in delivery volumes. Optimal route planning, proactive scheduling and stable loading capacities make this possible.


    If you rely on LKW WALTER in the long term, we will get to know your individual transport requirements even better. Which is why the quality of our collaboration continues to grow.


    Products and Services

  • For you, expertise in the handling of your sensitive products is of key importance when choosing your transport company. You will be all the more interested in the fact that, due to many years of experience, LKW WALTER has developed into the leading transport organisation in European full truck load transport. And a reliable partner in the electronics industry.


    The electrical and electronics industry drives many industries through intelligent innovations and makes an important contribution to the globalisation and networking of the world. LKW WALTER uses many of these trend-setting developments itself and also has knowledge and necessary experience to offer industry-specific transport solutions.


    Speaking of experience: LKW WALTER has been organising ransports since 1924. Back then as a small family business. Today as a family business that has developed into a reliable quality brand through organic growth and stands for long-term solidarity. Especially with companies from the electronics industry, whose current trends we always focus on through further training measures.

    Company Profile

  • Transport monitoring

    LKW WALTER organises international transports to both direct customers and to distribution centres. And throughout Europe, Russia, Central Asia, North Africa and in the Middle East.


    Whether for corporate groups or small and medium-sized companies - our experienced employees organise your transports. Both at peak times and in "spot operations". You benefit from all the advantages associated with this! For example, you will receive information about your load at all times through a proactive exchange of information.

    Digital transport monitoring ensures that, at any time, the current location of your goods and the estimated time of arrival can be tracked in real time.


    At your request, we also provide your direct customers or distribution centre with relevant information at all times.

  • LKW WALTER organises transports on the road and in Combined Transport. In road transport we use low-emission 13.6 m curtain-sided trucks (tautliners and mega trailers). Below is an overview of the most important information:


    Trailer standards:


    • Telematics systems in all trailers
    • Load securing certificate (tested according to EN 12642 XL)
    • 20 pcs. straps


    On selected routes, we also offer box trailers or trailers with slash-resistant tarpaulin if required.


    For the safe transport of electronic goods, we use the following load securing equipment:


    • Anti-slip mats
    • Customs seal
    • Edge protectors
    Trailer drives on to ship / ferry

    Benefit from the advantages of Combined Transport!


    The combination of rail and road modes of transport, as well as short sea shipping, results in a number of attractive advantages:


    • Higher loading capacity of up to 29 tonnes
    • Guarded ports and terminals
    • No traffic jams and driving bans
    • Telematics systems in all trailers
    • Fixed delivery times

    Combined transport

Security camera

"Electronics" fact box

  • Smartphones account for half of the annual sales in this industry.
  • The first mobile telephone was developed in 1973.
  • Printed circuit boards had a significant influence on the development of the electronics industry.
  • On average, a European household has 20 electronic devices at home.
  • Smart homes and intelligent devices are increasingly merging into a holistic solution.
  • Up to 700 different raw materials are processed for the production of electronic devices.

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