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Informatie maart 2022

TRUCK BUDDY - from a single idea to a thriving service in just a few short years

The still young, but very successful and widely used repair, maintenance and breakdown service TRUCK BUDDY has established itself in a very short time. The initial idea dates back to 2019. It is our aim to offer you, as our transport partner, a service based on your extraordinary commitment, providing help for top conditions in exceptional situations. Today this service has already connected with many of you due to its various advantages, and it can proudly look back on the year 2021 with over 1,500 successfully completed cases.


Your advantages with TRUCK BUDDY

A big advantage is that our service is linked directly to our Europe-wide network of LKW WALTER workshops. This continues to grow each year together with our 13,000 strong trailer fleet, enabling us to pass on a premium service to you via TRUCK BUDDY. Of course, we also act in your interest and make it possible for you to retain all claims - as if you were arranging a service yourself. This and many other benefits make your day-to-day life even safer - true to our motto: “We service. You drive."

TRUCK BUDDY in action

The list of successful orders is long and includes cases such as this masterpiece in Carinthia, Austria: here we helped a driver who had lost his key to open the locked vehicle doors within a very short time, making it possible to continue his journey without wasting much time. This problem was solved with our partner workshop and the vehicle codes that we requested from the owner. Spectacular snow rescues (see picture) or a last-minute rescue operation of a broken tractor unit from a ferry (which prevented high costs) are also amongst the numerous success stories of TRUCK BUDDY.

Interested in TRUCK BUDDY?

Our experts in the fleet management team have over 15 years of experience and they also speak your language! This guarantees you efficient and fast solutions.


You can find more information about TRUCK BUDDY here.