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Automotive Global Awards 2020
Fenntarthatóság 2021 augusztus

Automotive Global Award for intermodal transport solutions

"Less is more" is a rather unusual motto in business. Unless it is about reducing CO2 emissions. Here too, we support our customers throughout Europe with intermodal transport solutions, for which we regularly receive awards - most recently the Automotive Global Award 2020.

Like LKW WALTER, Jaguar Land Rover has been committed to environmental protection for many years. In this respect, it is only logical that the two companies cooperate with environmentally friendly, intermodal transport of components from Great Britain to Eastern Europe. It was this collaboration that recently convinced the jury of the Automotive Global Awards.

Unique transport solutions by ship and rail

Specifically, the expert panel found that LKW WALTER has implemented a unique intermodal solution for Jaguar Land Rover, resulting in significant CO2 savings throughout the supply chain. The project includes both ship and rail as modes of transport. With precisely coordinated routes, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 70 percent and transit times and reliability optimised.

"A confirmation of our green transport strategy"

Both Jaguar Land Rover and the LKW WALTER team are delighted with the Automotive Global Award. For us, this award is further confirmation of our Green Transport strategy, the consistent implementation of which has made LKW WALTER one of the leading providers of environmentally friendly transport solutions in Europe.