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Információk 2021 augusztus

The most important rules for efficient communication in the transport sector

For LKW WALTER, communication is the key to success. Without clear communication, we would not have been able to become such a pioneer in the transport sector or to initiate & reinforce such long-standing partnerships. We would therefore like to take the chance to provide a deeper insight into the role of communication in the transport industry.

Communicate as simply as possible

Transportation requires distinctive organisational skills. If a transport manager loses their overview, they risk missing the most important goal: to maintain the perfect transport of goods for the clients. To achieve this, LKW WALTER will assign central contact persons. Our extensive experience and the strong working relationships with our clients enable our transport managers to fulfill the needs of the customers while keeping a cool head in difficult situations. Accordingly, we are able to deliver exceptional quality – from the initial enquiry up to the final delivery.

Quicker communication, quicker solutions, happier clients

No transport manager on this planet can prevent road closures, traffic jams or other disruptions. Nevertheless, remaining flexible & agile will give you the edge when such situations do arise. Therefore, LKW WALTER has advocated short internal paths of communication since its early years. With just two locations in Wiener Neudorf and Kufstein, we can fluidly & efficiently combine our entire knowledge to coordinate transports and solve the unsolvable all across Europe.

Silence is silver, speaking over 35 different languages is golden

To be able to speak multiple languages is a big advantage, particularly for people in the transport sector. The employees at LKW WALTER speak over 35 different languages in order to ensure that all customer & market requirements are understood and the appropriate measures implemented. The importance of such skills has been proved by events like Covid-19 or Brexit. Even with challenging circumstances, our transport managers accomplished efficient and simple working methods to maintain the delivery of goods and a clear line of information for our clients.

The efficient application of modern communication tools

Last but not least, it is necessary to make use of the available tools for better communication. That is one reason why we developed our client portal CONNECT over the last decades to improve our clients’ satisfaction. Practical insights and years of experience led to a highly efficient, user-friendly system.


It is no coincidence that LKW WALTER manages to deliver safely and consistently on time. Based on the aforementioned principles, there is, and will always be, a strong bond between us and our clients. Do not forget that when it comes to determining your next transport partner, you have to consider the long-term. The right choice will make all the difference.

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