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Sustainability and transport do match. That’s what LKW WALTER’s label “GREEN transport” proves.
Sostenibilidad noviembre 2021

Special feature on LKW WALTER in the latest issue of International Transport Journal (ITJ)

The latest issue of International Transport Journal focuses upon the expansion of our intermodal network at LKW WALTER. As a key part of our long-term strategy, read on to find out about the challenges ahead & the significant opportunities “GREEN Transport” brings to the table.

One advantage of our intermodal activities is the dedicated & continuous development of our product. This may consist of new transport connections or higher frequencies on existing routes to increase capacities. Furthermore, we plan to expand our fleet of trailers for combined transport to reduce CO2 emissions by 600,000 tonnes per year. To give you more of an idea: this year we already managed to shift 450,000 transports from road to combined transport by using over 13,000 trailers which can be lifted by crane. Thereby, we are saving over 400,000 tonnes of CO2.

Green Transport

GREEN Transport - the answer to our ambitions

Widespread opinion is that sustainability and transport do not match. Our brand of GREEN transport proves the opposite; transport partners with environmentally-friendly equipment, the expansion of our combined transport network, and the optimisation of planning reducing empty mileage. The key to success lies in our commitment - significant investments in rail & ferry solutions and the necessary equipment.
Tráfico intermodal

Combined Transport brings advantages for all

For longer rail lanes, LKW WALTER only needs to arrange the pre & post transit with road transport. Additionally, these short distances can now often be organised using trucks with alternative fuels, allowing for even higher CO2 savings. With our combined transport solutions, trailer capacites can be used more efficiently, limiting supply chain shortages. For example, a ‘Standby Trailer’ system can even be implemented directly at loading & delivery sites; waiting times are reduced and drivers are utilised effectively each day.