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Road transport to / from Germany

Whether it's Munich, Hamburg, Berlin or anywhere else between the North Sea and the Alps, with our transport partner network we cover the whole country. The Freight Forwarder LKW WALTER, the European Transport Organisation, organises your road haulage (full truck loads) from all over Germany to all European countries and back. We also offer a domestic transport service within Germany. On selected routes we are also active in Combined Transport.

The advantages of LKW WALTER

  • Your freight forwarder for domestic and international transportation
  • Accurate transport monitoring through advanced telematics systems
  • Environmentally-friendly transport solutions with a comprehensive combined transport network in Germany and many European countries

Our top 10 routes in the German market

The most popular road transport routes from/to Germany (import/export) for full truck loads (FTL) are:
Italy, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Slovakia, Netherlands.
LKW WALTER also organises daily transports to all other European countries!

Receive your quote for road transport to/from Germany here!

Let us create a non-binding offer for your road haulage from or to Germany today. Please fully complete the form. You will immediately receive the details of your personal contact, who will be in touch with you within four hours (Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm CET).

How much experience does LKW WALTER have in combined transport?

Since the beginning of the 1980s, LKW WALTER has focused on innovative transport alternatives to conventional road transport. Through the consistent expansion of our intermodal network, we are now one of the largest participants in combined transport in Europe.

How big is the LKW WALTER fleet?

LKW WALTER has a Europe-wide transport partner network, consisting of more than 11,000 selected transport partners, who are carefully selected according to our high quality standards. As well as road transport, we also rely on combined transport, in which we are one of the biggest participants with more than 15,000 cranable trailers.
Our employees come from over 40 countries

How does LKW WALTER communicate with business partners?

LKW WALTER attaches great importance to providing customers with comprehensive and competent advice. We communicate with you and your business partners in the applicable national languages. Due to employing staff from more than 40 countries, we are ready for success in all relevant languages.

What are the advantages of CONNECT?

Process your transport orders online via our CONNECT customer portal. You can receive quotes at the click of a mouse, make bookings and track your current orders. In addition, we provide you with other useful information via CONNECT.
Customer platform CONNECT

Any other questions?

Our specialists for Germany are at your disposal:

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