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FAQ for customers

FAQ for customers

Company Profile

  • Which languages does LKW WALTER speak?

    Employees from over 40 nations work at LKW WALTER and they understand your desire for favourable freight rates, faster acceptance of goods and optimal transit times in more than 35 languages. We also speak the languages that are relevant for Full Truck Load (FTL) transport for the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and Russia.

    Road transport Europe

    Road transport Middle East

    Road transport North Africa

    Road transport Central Asia

    Road transport Russia

  • Is LKW WALTER part of a group?

    LKW WALTER is a private Austrian company (100% family-owned) and is part of the WALTER GROUP. The company was founded in 1924 and has been successful in the business for decades. Rely on a partner who is in every aspect stable and who has been certified with a first-class credit rating from international rating agencies for many years.

    Company Profile

  • What legal form does LKW WALTER have?

    LKW WALTER Internationale Transportorganisation AG has been an "Aktiengesellschaft" (public limited company / joint stock company) since 1990 - a private Austrian company that is 100% family-owned.
  • When was LKW WALTER founded?

    LKW WALTER was founded in 1924.
  • Does LKW WALTER have branches?

    For reasons of efficiency and flexibility, LKW WALTER manages all transport from its headquarters in Wiener Neudorf near Vienna and from its site in Kufstein in Tyrol. At the same time, we regularly visit our customers on site. More than 100 personal meetings take place every day throughout Europe.
  • What are LKW WALTER's business hours?

    Our official business hours are from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.
  • Where can I find bank details, VAT ID etc. for LKW WALTER?

    Our commercial register number and VAT ID number can be found here: Imprint. Our bank details can be found on every invoice.
  • Is electronic invoicing (PDF) possible?

    Yes As of 1st January 2013 the EU VAT Directive 2010/45/EU for issuing invoices will be mandatory in all Member States of the European Union. This directive equates electronic invoices with paper invoices within the EU! In the framework of our quality management system, we pay particular attention to quality assurance and the continuous improvement of working processes. In order to reduce administration costs and processing efforts on both sides, most of our business partners have already switched to electronic invoicing in recent years. If you are interested, please get in touch with your contact at LKW WALTER.
  • Where can I find the General Terms and Conditions for LKW WALTER?

    Our General Terms and Conditions can be found online in our CONNECT customer portal.

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  • Where can I find the videos of LKW WALTER?

    You can find our videos under the appropriate heading on our website or in a collection on our YouTube channel.

    YouTube channel

Core business / Full truck loads (FTL)

  • What does LKW WALTER transport?

    The core business of LKW WALTER is the organisation of full truck loads for road and in combined transport. Our focus is the transport of harmless, packaged goods from the following industries: consumer goods, wood and paper, chemicals, metals, automotive and electronics.


    Products and Services

  • What does FTL mean?

    FTL is an abbreviation for "full truck load".

  • Where does LKW WALTER transport to?

    The LKW WALTER transport company is a one-stop shop for full truck loads throughout Europe. We transport your goods throughout Europe and to/from Russia, Central Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. In addition, we also process national transport in individual EU states (Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, France and Sweden).

    Road transport Europe

    Road transport Middle East

    Road transport North Africa

    Road transport Central Asia

    Road transport Russia

  • How much experience does LKW WALTER have in Eastern Europe?

    Opt for LKW WALTER and trust the European market leader for full truck loads. We have more than 60 years of experience in Eastern European logistics, as well as the appropriate language skills. You will benefit from both in every phase of your transport order, from the booking to delivery.


  • What are LKW WALTER's biggest strengths?

    With LKW WALTER you have one partner for all European truck loads on your side, who offers you the highest standards in terms of quality, safety and environmental protection. You will benefit from innovative transport solutions in combined transport and enjoy personal and competent support in all European languages.

    Products and Services

    Combined transport


  • How flexibly does LKW WALTER operate?

    Communication channels at LKW WALTER are short. All decisions are made quickly and are appropriate to the situation. Key account management, sales management and transport management are all under one roof at LKW WALTER. In addition, we are in daily contact with our customers, drivers and loading/unloading points.
  • Who are LKW WALTER's customers?

    LKW WALTER organises full truck loads for international corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies. Regardless of the size and location of your company, you can benefit from first-class processing of your transport.
  • Is there a price list at LKW WALTER ?

    Each transport is individual with its own unique requirements (equipment, duration, quantity, loading/unloading window etc.). Transport costs can quickly change depending on market conditions. Therefore, LKW WALTER does not operate with a fixed price list. Our Transport Managers always try to find the solution with the best price/performance ratio for you.

    Road Transport

  • How does LKW WALTER organise customs clearance?

    Customs clearance is easily and efficiently solved by LKW WALTER. LKW WALTER has customs agents in almost all major ports and at the busiest border crossings.

  • What do I do if my goods are not yet ready for collection?

    In this case, please contact the Transport Manager responsible for the affected order. The contact details can be found in the order overview on the CONNECT customer portal.



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  • Where can I find information on the topic of "transport insurance"?

    Risks and damage may be partly covered by transport insurance. More details can be found on our CONNECT customer portal under "Did you know?".




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Loading space / Road transport

  • How fast is freight space available?

    LKW WALTER takes delivery of your goods on a daily basis. We rely on an efficient network of selected transport partners throughout Europe. Thereby we can guarantee adequate freight space at all times, as well as optimal response and transit times.


    Products and Services

  • How big is the LKW WALTER fleet?

    LKW WALTER has a Europe-wide transport partner network, consisting of more than 11,000 selected transport partners, who are carefully selected according to our high quality standards. As well as road transport, we also rely on combined transport, in which we are one of the biggest participants with more than 14,000 cranable trailers.

    Road Transport

    Combined transport

  • How does LKW WALTER select its transport partners?

    Each new transport partner undergoes a demanding selection process with strict criteria. The fulfilment of these criteria is regularly monitored during the course of the collaboration. In addition, we offer our partners regular opportunities for further training.


    Road Transport

  • What equipment does LKW WALTER use for transportation?

    13.6 m curtain siders (trailer and tautliner) are used as standard. If necessary, and only on certain routes, we can provide other types of trailers (mega trailers, jumbo, semi-trailers, small trucks etc.). In combined transport we also use cranable trailers. Cranable mega trailers (internal height: 3 m) and special trailers with coil troughs are also available.


    Road Transport

    Equipment available for combined transport

Combined transport

  • What are the advantages of combined transport?

    Intermodal transport solutions from LKW WALTER offer many advantages. For example, the provision of stand-by equipment, a higher payload of up to 29 tonnes, larger cargo capacities up to 36 EUR pallets and the avoidance of driving restrictions at night or on public holidays.


    7 good reasons for Combined Transport

  • How much experience does LKW WALTER have in combined transport?

    Since the beginning of the 1980s, LKW WALTER has focused on innovative transport alternatives to conventional road transport. Through the consistent expansion of our intermodal network, we are now one of the largest participants in combined transport in Europe.


    Combined transport

  • Which countries does the combined transport network cover?

    The combined transport network of LKW WALTER covers the Benelux states, Germany, France, Greece, Great Britain/Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Austria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Hungary.


    Combined transport routes

  • How efficient is combined transport?

    The combination of truck, rail and/or ship is a very efficient and environmentally-friendly form of transport. LKW WALTER has optimised it to the highest level. We have achieved this by continuously investing in modern equipment, among other things. We have more than 14,000 cranable trailers.

  • Is combined transport environmentally-friendly?

    The combination of truck, rail and/or ship is an efficient and environmentally-friendly way of transporting goods. LKW WALTER distinguishes itself as a responsible company that makes a significant contribution to the reduction of pollutant emissions and CO2.


    GREEN transport

Customer platform CONNECT / IT-solutions

  • What is CONNECT?

    CONNECT is our online customer portal that allows you to process orders at the click of a mouse. Additional features: up-to-date order overview and additional useful information.




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  • What are the advantages of CONNECT?

    Process your transport orders online via our CONNECT customer portal. You can receive quotes at the click of a mouse, make bookings and track your current orders. In addition, we provide you with other useful information via CONNECT.


    Digital solutions

  • Process transport orders online?

    It's easy with LKW WALTER! Because with our CONNECT customer portal we give you an intelligent tool that lets you conveniently book your transport orders with a click of a mouse, and provides you with a constant overview of your current orders.


    Digital solutions

  • Can I send freight documents (delivery note, itinerary, etc.) for online bookings?

    Of course! On our CONNECT customer portal you can simply upload any relevant freight documents for your online bookings.


    Digital solutions

  • Can I request the required proof of delivery (CMR) electronically?

    Yes! Through the CONNECT customer portal you can request the required proof of delivery (e.g. confirmed CMR consignment note) at any time.


    Digital solutions

  • How do I find the right contact at LKW WALTER?

    Contact your Key Account Manager or find your contact online by entering your desired transport route on the CONNECT customer portal.


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  • How do I update my company details?

    You can make changes at any time via the CONNECT customer portal.

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  • Which web browsers does the LKW WALTER website support?

    All WALTER GROUP websites are optimised for Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


    And you can check your current browser version here

  • What IT does LKW WALTER use?

    LKW WALTER works with the latest Information Technology (IT) which, when required, is also compatible with your IT system. In addition, innovative telematics systems guarantee precise transport monitoring and intelligent transport planning software minimises empty mileage.

  • Which data formats can LKW WALTER process electronically (EDI)?

    In addition to the online booking of your ERP system via the CONNECT customer portal, a direct electronic connection to our system can also be configured. We process all standard data formats (EDIFACT, XML, fix record, .csv, .xls(x), IDOCs, VDA). If you are interested in an electronic data connection, please contact your account manager or e-mail [email protected].

Environment / Safety / Quality

  • What does SHEQ mean?

    SHEQ stands for Safety/Security-Health-Environment-Quality.



  • Is there a Code of Conduct at LKW WALTER?

    Yes, the Code of Conduct is intended as a guide for the decisions and business practices of our employees and executives. It defines the principles of our ethical conduct, workplace behaviour and the use of company property.


    Code of Conduct

  • What does quality mean to LKW WALTER?

    For LKW WALTER, quality primarily means optimally fulfilling the expectations of our customers. Therefore, we implemented the ISO 9001 standard throughout the company. Compliance with this standard is monitored by an in-house Shared Service SHEQ Management team, who also publish their activities in the company report.

  • What does LKW WALTER offer with regards to safety?

    Safety is an important topic for LKW WALTER. Our numerous measures help protect people and freight as best as possible during transportation. For example, we have developed and implemented a Driver Training booklet and Driver Handbook, in accordance with international guidelines, for our transport partners and their drivers. These include preventative measures to reduce the risk of criminal access to goods. In addition, our management system is certified according to the internationally recognised standards: SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment for Sustainability) and HACCP (Hazard Analyses and Critical Control Points). (Note: HACCP as of December 2016).



  • Does LKW WALTER use environmentally-friendly transport methods?

    Scheduling vehicles exclusively on "circular routes" - and thus avoiding empty journeys - has been a standard since the fifties. By shifting from road transport to "rail" and "Short Sea Shipping" carriers, we considerably reduce polluting emissions, in particular greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. In 2009, LKW WALTER was one of the founders of the European Responsible Care Initiative and it is also an active member of Green Freight Europe.


    GREEN transport

  • What is meant by "GREEN transport"?

    For many years environmental conservation has been a major concern for LKW WALTER. We rely on transport partners with environmentally-friendly trucks, we constantly invest in the latest equipment for combined transport, we use short sea shipping as an environmentally-friendly transport alternative and we continually optimise our transport planning. Which is why we are now one of the leading providers in environmentally-friendly transport solutions.


    GREEN transport

  • Will my data be handled confidentially at LKW WALTER?

    Of course! LKW WALTER takes data protection very seriously and handles your data with the utmost confidentiality!


    Terms of Use

    Privacy Policy


  • Does LKW WALTER also offer warehousing space?

    Yes, the subsidary company WALTER LAGER-BETRIEBE offers modern high bay warehouses in Wiener Neudorf. The ideal partner for your central warehousing and total outsourcing solutions. Ideal storage concepts are tailored to your requirements. More details can be found at www.walter-lager-betriebe.com.

  • Can't find an answer to your question?

    Then we invite you to send us an e-mail. Send your question to [email protected]. We will contact you immediately.