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Road transport to / from Montenegro

Whether in Podgorica, Tivat, Bijelo Polje, Pljevlja or Ulcinj, we load and unload your goods throughout Montenegro. The Freight Forwarder LKW WALTER, the European Transport Organisation, organises your road haulage (full truck loads) from all over Montenegro to all European countries and back. Thereby, we not only speak all Western and Eastern European languages. Furthermore, we also offer perfectly organised customs clearance.

The advantages of LKW WALTER

  • We speak all European languages
  • One partner for ALL full truck loads (FTL)
  • Accurate transport monitoring through advanced telematics systems

Our top 10 routes in the Montenegrin market

The most popular road transport routes from/to Montenegro (import/export) for full truck loads (FTL) are:
Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Czechia, Germany, France, Hungary, Greece.
LKW WALTER also organises daily transports to all other European countries!

Receive your quote for road transport to/from Montenegro here!

Let us create a non-binding offer for your road haulage from or to Montenegro today. Please fully complete the form. You will immediately receive the details of your personal contact, who will be in touch with you within four hours (Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm CET).
Head office Vienna/Wiener Neudorf

Does LKW WALTER have branches?

For reasons of efficiency and flexibility, LKW WALTER manages all transport from its headquarters in Wiener Neudorf near Vienna and from its site in Kufstein in Tyrol. At the same time, we regularly visit our customers on site. More than 100 personal meetings take place every day throughout Europe.

How does LKW WALTER communicate with business partners?

LKW WALTER attaches great importance to providing customers with comprehensive and competent advice. We communicate with you and your business partners in the applicable national languages. Due to employing staff from more than 40 countries, we are ready for success in all relevant languages.
Our employees come from over 40 countries

What are LKW WALTER's biggest strengths?

With LKW WALTER you have one partner for all European truck loads on your side, who offers you the highest standards in terms of quality, safety and environmental protection. You will benefit from innovative transport solutions in combined transport and enjoy personal and competent support in all European languages.

Is there a price list at LKW WALTER ?

Each transport is individual with its own unique requirements (equipment, duration, quantity, loading/unloading window etc.). Transport costs can quickly change depending on market conditions. Therefore, LKW WALTER does not operate with a fixed price list. Our Transport Managers always try to find the solution with the best price/performance ratio for you.
Is there a price list at LKW WALTER ?

Any other questions?

Our specialists for Montenegro are at your disposal:

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