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Always up to date with our automatic notifications

At LKW WALTER, the individual requirements of our customers are important to us. For this reason our automatic notifications offer you the option of automatically receiving information tailored to your requirements (e.g. departure and arrival times) by e-mail. After applying for the function you immediately save time and are always up to date when it comes to your transports.

With our automatic notifications you will receive useful information and regular reports directly in your e-mail inbox.

Your advantages with our automatic notifications

Customisable: You decide which information you need Saves time: Once configured, always up-to-date Automatically and directly to your e-mail inbox Free service for your customers

You can automatically receive the following notifications and reports

Individual notifications

  • ETA (estimated time of arrival) or ETA + status
  • Preadvice (transport notification before loading or unloading)
  • Arrived/departed at the loading or unloading point
  • Arrived/departed at the terminal for transports by Combined Transport
  • Excess waiting time


  • Monitoring report - the most important information about your current transports as a report
  • Performance report - the most important information about your completed transports as a report

This is how it works

For our automatic notifications get in touch with your contact person at LKW WALTER.
We will discuss details about the notifications and reports you want to receive.
After a short processing time you will receive our automatic notifications.
Have we piqued your interest and do you want to benefit from the many advantages of our automatic notifications? Then get in touch with your contact person at LKW WALTER now!