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Digitalizacija veljača 2024

Milestone for the digital supply chain: LKW WALTER introduces the eCMR

LKW WALTER is setting the next milestone in the digitalisation of the supply chain: with the eCMR, we are now digitalising the most important document for international transport. The new solution has enormous potential, replacing 6 million pieces of paper with a purely digital process.

With the Europe-wide introduction of the eCMR, we are now implementing a further innovation with our long-standing partner KRONE. LKW WALTER has around 15,000 KRONE trailers in use across Europe in combined transport and is responsible for more than 1.5 million transports every year. Previously, a physical consignment note containing information about the sender, recipient and goods was required for each individual transport. The most important freight document is now being transferred to a fully digitalised landscape. Each eCMR is clearly linked to the respective LKW WALTER trailer.

Easy access via QR code on the trailer

All KRONE vehicles are already equipped with a QR code, the "Smart Assistant", which also serves as access to the eCMR. The QR code on the trailer can be easily scanned using a smartphone or other digital device and offers all parties involved easy access to the eCMR, the trailer's vehicle documents and the LKW WALTER driver app. LKW WALTER already handles many processes, such as load securing requirements, in the "Loads Today" app.
Michael Gschwandtner, Director Digital Business at LKW WALTER.
"Thanks to this innovation, our carriers and customers will gain efficiency and have real-time access to all important information about each individual transport. For us as a company, the eCMR sets new standards for efficiency and transparency in the supply chain."

Max Birle, Leader KRONE Telematics & Digital Services.
"Innovative logistics, digital excellence and customer-orientated solutions define KRONE Trailer. The "Smart Assistant" is an important part of our digital transformation fields at the trailer. It has revolutionised the document management of all KRONE trailers by simplifying the handling of vehicle documents such as the eCMR, as well as other services. This is the most straightforward offering on the market and provides our customers with real added value every day."

Industry-wide standard of the Open Logistics Foundation

Together with partners from the Open Logistics Foundation, the foundation for the eCMR was laid and a common standard defined. In close cooperation between LKW WALTER and KRONE, an easy entry point to the digital eCMR was realised via the QR code of the "Smart Assistant". It revolutionises overall communication within the supply chain, acting as a central interface and ensuring that all parties have the same level of information. This not only leads to more efficient transport processing, but also marks the end of potential sources of error in the documentation process.


"The eCMR consolidates our pioneering role in the industry and underlines our endeavours to offer customers simple solutions and to shape the logistics landscape sustainably through innovation," concludes Michael Gschwandtner.