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Steel / Metal / Aluminium

Steel/Metal/Aluminium transports - Flexible capacities for international transports

Are you looking for the right transport organisation for your steel transports? Because in the future you want to avoid peak times when loading and unloading and react faster to fluctuations in the steel industry. You also want to significantly increase load security. With LKW WALTER you are on the right track.


LKW WALTER transports crude steel, construction steel, stainless steel, special steel, pressed steel, tool steel, chain steel, etc. for many customers in the steel industry. You can expect individually designed transport solutions. Both on the road and in Combined Transport.

We organise more than 280,000 full truck loads annually for the steel industry.

7 good reasons for our collaboration

  • With our large network of European transport partners, we organise your full truck load transports on the road and in Combined Transport.

    Wire, sheets, tubes, stainless steel, construction steel, tool steel, etc. - we transport various types of steel. Reliable, on time and secure. Be it within Europe or from Europe to Russia, Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East or vice versa.

    We guarantee:


    • Sufficient capacities
    • Shortest transport routes
    • Fast and easy handling


    Products and Services

  • For road transport by truck we use 13.6 m curtain-sided trailers (tautliners and mega trailers) as standard. Due to our flexible transport partner network, we can offer sufficient loading space even with strongly fluctuating demand.

    The demand for steel is variable and subject to cyclical fluctuations. So a reliable partner with international experience and market knowledge who can react quickly to your last minute requests is all the more important. With our flexible corporate structure, we can do just that. Specifically, we compensate for the typical fluctuations in the steel industry, proactively plan loading capacities and are therefore prepared for your transport requirements at any time.

    Our trailer standard:


    • Telematics systems in all trailers
    • Load securing certificate (tested according to EN 12642 XL)
    • up to 25.5 tons payload
  • Europe-wide coil carrier transports on intermodal routes

    LKW WALTER connects important European economic centres on more than 250 short-sea and rail routes. With our own cranable tautliners and coil carrier trailers, we have the perfect equipment for steel transports.

    In addition to road transport, we also offer steel transports in Combined Transport. You benefit from an increased loading capacity of up to 28.3 tonnes. In addition, rail and ferry routes are not subject to driving restrictions, which makes your transport planning even more flexible. When possible, we use coil carrier trailers, which ensure even more security and stability for steel transports.


    Combined transport

  • With the stand trailer system, LKW WALTER offers you an attractive opportunity to avoid staff-intensive peak times when loading and unloading in Combined Transport. You load when it is most convenient for you.

    Reacting quickly to changing market demand is an important factor for success and requires, among other things, the flexible adaptation of staff resources. That's easy with the stand trailer system from LKW WALTER. Because it offers you flexible and additional loading capacities. And the opportunity to load when it is most convenient for you. For example, during the night or when your loading staff are least busy.

  • At LKW WALTER first-class trained employees support you from the order placement right through to the unloading. They come from all over Europe and communicate daily with you and your customers, as well as suppliers, in the respective national language.

    LKW WALTER employs Transport Managers from over 40 nations, who speak more than 35 languages. They understand your desire for faster acceptance of goods and optimal transit times. As the central interface between you, the drivers and the loading and unloading points, they are proactive in every respect. When planning a transport, our managers choose the right equipment, avoid empty mileage and ensure on-time transports along the entire value chain.

  • LKW WALTER attaches great importance to environmentally-friendly equipment and CO2-reducing transport solutions. With our "GREEN transport" initiative, we are committed to working in an environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient manner.

    Today, production in the steel industry is significantly more resource- and energy-efficient than a few years ago. Sustainability and environmental protection have long been an important topic in the transport sector too. LKW WALTER is considered one of the industry pioneers. For years, we have been cooperating with international organisations to improve environmental standards and reduce pollutant emissions. With a CO2 reduction of more than 300,000 tonnes per year, we are one of the leading providers of environmentally-friendly transport solutions.


    GREEN transport

  • Maximum load safety with every transport

    The transport of steel begins with professional load securing. Which is why the LKW WALTER Transport Managers always carry various load securing equipment to contribute to proper loading in the sense of maximum safety.

    How much security a load needs is the responsibility of the shipper. As such, he knows both the goods and the packaging best. Although it is clear that proper load securing in steel primarily depends on the type, weight and size of the goods. Proper stowage prevents damage before and during the transport.

    Our transport partners carry the following load securing equipment:


    • 20 pcs. straps
    • Edge protectors
    • Anti-slip mats
Highest standards for maximum safety

"Steel" fact box

  • Iron melts at 1,536 degrees Celsius.
  • The first furnaces for melting iron were developed in the 14th century.
  • In 3000 BC the Egyptians processed ferrous meteorite rock.
  • More than 570 million tonnes of steel are recycled every year.
  • The first steel body car was introduced by Dodge in 1922.
  • There are 2,500 "standardised" steel grades.
  • The steel in the Eiffel tower expands up to 18 cm in summer.
  • Approx. 1,700 million tonnes of steel are produced worldwide.

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