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Automotive transports - Efficient transport for your supply chain

Due to the digital transformation and Industry 4.0, the importance of punctual transport has once again increased. That's why it needs a really strong partner. Someone who understands the processes in your value chain, delivers real-time transport information and much more. LKW WALTER fulfils these and many other requirements.


LKW WALTER is the specialist for highly efficient transport solutions for the entire automotive industry as well as the supply chain. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and years of industry experience, we cover all material transports from suppliers (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3) to the manufacturer or producer (OEM).

Every year, we plan and organise more than 240,000 full truck loads for numerous companies in the automotive industry.

7 good reasons for our collaboration

  • The procurement logistics in the automotive industry primarily focus on optimising capacity utilisation and processes. The good news is: LKW WALTER provides you with highly efficient solutions for the best-possible handling of your truck transports.

    In order to synchronise customer requirements and production, perfect coordination is required between automotive and supply industries. For example, through Just in Sequence (JIS) and Just in Time (JIT) deliveries as well as "milk run" concepts. This requires standardised processes. Which is why LKW WALTER attaches the utmost important to stability and individuality in the organisation of transport solutions.

    We offer you


    • On-time delivery of the required modules in the requested assembly sequence (JIS deliveries)
    • Demand-specific delivery of materials in the correct quantity (JIT deliveries)
    • On-time transports based on consumption values (milk run concepts)
  • In the international production networks of the automotive industry, reliable supply chains are essential. The automotive specialists at LKW WALTER organise, implement and monitor their transports centrally. For you, this means maximum reliability from ONE source.

    Experienced experts are needed in order to synchronise customer requirements and production. Specialists who know and understand all industry-typical logistical challenges. Our Key Account Managers centrally take on the strategic planning and operative implementation of every automotive transport.

    The automotive specialists at LKW WALTER provide support in:


    • Route planning
    • Optimisation of transit time
    • Selection of the right truck equipment (tautliner, mega trailer)
    • Configuring JIT / JIS routes
    • Support in your native language
  • Digital solutions

    New developments in Industry 4.0 are leading to digital and therefore increasingly streamlined value chains. The necessary adaptation of the supply chain requires optimal and flexible transport solutions.

    Due to the latest control concepts and state-of-the-art IT solutions, LKW WALTER succeeds in streamlining processes while simultaneously increasing the safety of transports.

    Your digital solutions:


    • With intelligent transport planning software, we reduce empty mileage to an absolute minimum.
    • Modern telematics systems or "real-time shipment control" guarantee continuous transport monitoring.
    • The digital transport monitoring facilitates the synchronous exchange of transport data, which enables automatic transport monitoring in real-time.
  • Transport monitoring

    Transport duration and transit time monitoring are key efficiency factors in logistics. On request, LKW WALTER provides you with this information in real-time. With tracking & tracing, we monitor your transport around the clock.

    Our 24/7 monitoring provides you with live information about the location of your load. This monitoring guarantees safe and reliable transportation to the destination as well as precise planning of the delivery. In the event of unexpected delays, we react quickly and flexibly.

    In addition, you can actively track your transport progress in real time in the CONNECT customer platform.

  • LKW WALTER offers intelligent transport solutions for the entire automotive industry. As an international company, we load and unload throughout Europe, Russia, Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

    LKW WALTER works for all players in the automotive supply chain. Regardless of company size and location. Despite the dynamic change in sales markets, products and development processes, we have available load capacities. Because we are prepared for change and, with our Europe-wide transport partner network, able to react quickly to your transport needs.


    Products and Services

  • Combined transport

    With more than 15,000 cranable trailers, LKW WALTER is one of the largest participants in European Combined Transport (rail/road and short sea shipping). With more than 300 departures per day, we connect all major European economic centres on more than 250 short sea and rail routes. In addition, you benefit from an increased loading capacity of up to 29 tonnes.

    LKW WALTER continuously invests in the expansion of Combined Transport. With the "GREEN transport" brand, LKW WALTER has committed to carrying out transports in an environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient manner.

    Your advantages in Combined Transport:


    • Payload up to 29 tonnes
    • High flexibility during loading and unloading
    • No traffic jams and driving bans

    In 2023, LKW WALTER handled more than 579,000 intermodal transports throughout Europe, thus reducing CO2 by more than 329,000 tonnes.

    Combined transport

  • Equipment

    LKW WALTER understands both the global challenges and the different production processes in the automotive industry. Based on this knowledge, we organise your transports in a timely, reliable manner with the perfect equipment.

    In road transport by truck, we use 13.6 m curtain-sided trailer (tautliners and mega trailers) as standard. Only vehicles from EURO class 5 are used. For roadworthy loading, we also carry sufficient load securing equipment.


    Our trailer standard:


    • Telematics systems in all trailers
    • Load securing certificate (tested according to EN 12642 XL)
    • 20 pcs. straps

    Equipment available for combined transport

Automotive Global Award for Environmental Sustainability 2018

Automotive Sustainability Award

Automotive Sustainability Award

"Automotive" fact box

  • The pioneer of the car is the Cugnot steam car.
  • The first car with a gas engine was patented by Carl Benz in 1886.
  • 1899 was the first time a car reached more than 100 km/h.
  • The mass production of cars goes back to Henry Ford.
  • Climate change and technology are key drivers of electric cars.
  • Nowadays, a car consists of more than 10,000 individual parts.
  • Connected car and autonomous driving are the future of the automotive industry.
  • The heaviest car in the world weighs 5 tonnes.

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