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Loads Today NOW
Informaciones octubre 2022

NEW: With LOADS TODAY NOW you can buy orders easily with a single click

Imagine that you or one of your drivers is currently in France after a successful unloading and is still looking for a load for the trip back to Germany. With LOADS TODAY NOW you can easily and quickly search for loads in the immediate vicinity in this case.

Do you know about LOADS TODAY NOW? Using our newest function in LOADS TODAY, our transport partners can find & confirm available orders with a single click of the mouse. The feature is proving popular with our partners, who already regularly purchase loads through LOADS TODAY NOW.

How does LOADS TODAY NOW work?

  1. Register with LOADS TODAY 
  2. Find your desired order on LOADS TODAY NOW
  3. Click and confirm
  4. Receive the transport details & drive!

easily access transport orders, wherever and whenever.

Do you want to try out LOADS TODAY NOW? Click here* to get your access to LOADS TODAY or simply log in here.

*If you're not yet one our our transport partnes, then you can register in just 5 minutesRegister now.