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Dalli switches Romanian transports onto rail
февруари 2021

Dalli switches Romanian transports onto rail

4,700 to less CO2 due to cooperation with LKW WALTER

Dalli is taking the next important step in its comprehensive sustainability strategy and switches the majority of its deliveries from the Romanian production site to Germany and Belgium from road onto rail. As one of the largest European private label manufacturers for household and personal care products, dalli is cooperating for this project with Austrian full truck load specialist LKW WALTER.

Dalli managed to reduce the CO2 emissions to a third of its former footprint thanks to the new railway logistics concept.


In practice, LKW WALTER is carrying out up to eight departures per week for dalli on the route between Curtici in Romania and Duisburg and Herne in Germany. The distance between the two sites is approximately 1,500 kilometres.


This latest collaboration is reinforcing the existing cooperation between the two companies. Dalli has already been using LKW WALTER’s intermodal train connection between Vienna and Herne since 2016.

Theo Göbbels, Head of Logistics at dalli, says: “Switching our transports onto rail is an important part of our sustainability strategy. LKW WALTER is exactly the right partner for this.”

Sustainability is part of Dalli’s success


The dalli group’s corporate guidelines state: “We act in an ecologically responsible manner for the protection of the environment.” Over the years, this policy has been consistently implemented in the logistics, production and design of dalli products. All sustainability measures have been designed to cover the entire product life cycle. The implementation of dalli’s environmentally relevant measures is inspected regularly as part of internal and external audits by independent certification bodies and authorities.


Alongside regular certifications in accordance with internationally recognised environmental and energy standards and active participation in sustainability initiatives, product-related standards, such as the RSPO SCC standard for sustainable palm (kernel) oil or the NaTrue standard for certified natural cosmetics have also been implemented. Furthermore, by avoiding plastics, dalli is also setting standards in the development of environmentally friendly packaging. For instance, the company has introduced laundry detergent capsules packaging produced entirely from cardboard; the child protection this provides is unparalleled in Germany today.


LKW WALTER is the European market leader in full truck loads and is also one of the leading providers for environmentally friendly transport solutions. As part of the “Green Transport” sustainability initiative the company is reducing its annual CO2 output by more than 393,000 tonnes simply by using intermodal transport solutions. LKW WALTER was awarded the Logistics Sustainability Award 2019 by the BVL Austria and Germany for its efforts to create an environmentally friendly, Europe-wide, combined transport network.