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Sostenibilidad septiembre 2023

Toll increase in Germany: we have the solution!

Ecological advantages have long been conceded to intermodal transport, but the fact that rail can also offer clear economic advantages over road is shown by developments on the European market. Toll increases like the one in Germany from December 2023, no longer leave any room for arguments against the eco-friendly transport solution. Regardless of whether you look at it from an environmental or an economic perspective, the future is rail.

Are other countries following? Domino effect expected

Just recently, the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport passed a new federal road toll law. Among other items, it states that a CO2 surcharge of 200 euros per ton of CO2 is to be introduced on December 1st, 2023. This will increase the costs of road transports crossing Germany by up to 120 euros in transit. However, this new pricing of CO2 on the road is not surprising. It is highly likely to be introduced in other countries with key transport lanes. Germany could therefore trigger a domino effect that would have a major impact on road transport across Europe.

Combined transport as a solution

As the increase arrives in December 2023, it makes sense for shippers to act now. Combined transport is proving to be a financially attractive alternative as such a price factor does not come into play via rail. When switching however, it is advisable to react quickly. Capacities are limited and demand is already rising. In the long term, companies that secure capacity early will gain a significant advantage. In times like these, our visionary approach to intermodal solutions, developed over the last 40 years, strengthens us. 
Kombinierter Verkehr
We can react quickly to fluctuations in demand with our existing expertise in combined transport, and the healthy growth of our intermodal network ensures stability.

New connection Herne-Wels expands our intermodal network

To be able to offer one of the largest intermodal networks in Europe, we are continuously working to expand it. Most recently, we have succeeded in doing so with the new Herne-Wels connection, transporting 120 trailers per week in each direction. This means that we are offering capacity on a scale that other players on the market find difficult to cope with. "For us, this intermodal setup from Wels to Herne is another important milestone. We want to use it to strengthen and expand our leading position in Austria so that we can continue to serve our business partners with sustainable transport solutions," Andreas Prötsch, Sales Director LKW WALTER, is convinced. Existing connections, such as the one between Herne and Vienna with over 750 trailers per week, will continue as usual.

Interested customers are best advised to talk directly to their contact at LKW WALTER to find out more about our services.