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Devamlılık Ocak 2020

Operation Clean Sweep - A shared commitment to zero pellet loss

Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) is an international program that has been implemented in Europe since 2015. It aims to avoid the loss of plastic granules (pellets, flakes and powders) along the entire plastic value chain, thus protecting the environment.

Transport plays an important role in the value chain. For LKW WALTER, ecological responsibility is an obligation to current and future generations. For this reason, we have defined it as an important company goal. By participating in the OCS programme, LKW WALTER is committed to the basic principles of "zero pellet loss".

We have a long tradition of responsibility for the environment. This is also reflected in the way we do business.

Operation Clean Sweep - Zertifikat

The six OCS commitments in Europe

  1. Improving workplaces to avoid the loss of plastic granules.
  2. Creating and publishing internal procedures.
  3. Employee training for compliance with this commitment.
  4. Regular auditing.
  5. Compliance with all national and local regulations.
  6. Encouraging partners (contractors, freight forwarders, trading companies, etc.) to pursue the same goals.