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100 years of LKW WALTER

100 years of LKW WALTER

Time for celebration

Since 1924 we have been shaping the transport sector. Let’s celebrate yesterday and shape the future.


These were the last
100 years

These were the last
100 years

The last 100 years have shifted from groupage transport to specialisation in full truck loads, establishing LKW WALTER as a European transport organisation with a market-leading position in combined transport. What stands out then and now is the strong pioneering spirit that still characterises LKW WALTER today.

1924 to 1934
The beginnings

On 12th September 1924, Franz Walter founds the "Speditionsbüro F. Walter" in Vienna. The company establishes itself as a specialist in groupage transport and enjoys a good reputation in customs clearance.

1934 to 1944
The first employee

In 1937, his son Alfred Walter starts working for the company. This makes the young apprentice the company's first employee. Today LKW WALTER has over 1650 employees.

1944 to 1954
New horizons

The company is on the brink of ruin. With the entry into groupage transport in 1946, a turnaround is just about achieved, before an all too early death takes the pioneer Franz Walter just three years later. On 15th August 1949, the young business graduate Franz Krauter, the husband of Franz Walter's second daughter Alice, takes over and gives the company a new look. Clever investments such as a telex machine herald a new era.




1954 to 1964
An Austrian haulage company takes off

Shortly after Franz Krauter’s take over, LKW WALTER starts regular groupage transport between Vienna and Graz. Necessity becomes a virtue: due to a lack of money, the freight space is chartered and the first relationships with transport partners are established. Another major milestone follows in 1956: the first international transport from Trieste (IT) to Vienna. The picture shows Dkfm. Franz Krauter (left) with authorised signatory Franz Wyka in the port of Trieste on an exploratory tour.

1964 to 1974
LKW WALTER goes international

The international organisation of transports proves to be spot on. In the 1960s, transports to Paris as well as other European countries (Sweden, Spain and England) are organised. In addition, LKW WALTER rents a branch office at the port of Rotterdam to organise cocoa deliveries, among other things. In order to simplify customs clearance for important transports from Germany to Italy, LKW WALTER's second branch is established in 1968 in a small apartment on the north-south axis in Kufstein. To this day, Wiener Neudorf and Kufstein are the only two locations.

1974 to 1984
The starting signal for combined transport

In the 1970s, LKW WALTER is already established as an international transport organisation throughout Europe, with transports to the East and Orient following from 1974.

In 1983, the entire workforce moves into the new office building on the company premises in Wiener Neudorf, where LKW WALTER is still based today.

In 1984, another era in the history of LKW WALTER begins: combined transport. The combination of road and water or road and rail is used, for example, to transport prefabricated houses from Austria to Libya.

Today, more than a third of all transports throughout Europe are handled in an environmentally friendly way using combined transport and, as part of GREEN transport, make a significant contribution to society and the environment.

Personal, native-language communication with business partners is one of the keys to LKW WALTER's success.

1984 to 1994

The fall of the borders between East and West brings the European transport industry a new lease of life from 1990. LKW WALTER opens up new routes each year and finally discontinues the highly profitable groupage transport in order to specialise in full truck loads; still without its own lorries, but with a Europe-wide network of selected hauliers.

1994 to 2004
The age of digitalisation begins

At this time, up to 70,000 telephone calls are being made per day. In 1998, every employee finally receives their own PC and a new communication medium, the e-mail, joins the telephone. In 1999, LKW WALTER goes online for the first time with its own website.

2004 to 2014
Logistics 4.0

Over one million transports are organised for the first time in 2011. Many well-known global brands are among the customers. LKW WALTER has established itself as one of the most successful companies in Austria. In 2012, LKW WALTER embarks on a major digitalisation offensive. What began as a platform after the turn of the millennium becomes LOADS TODAY for transport companies and CONNECT for customers. IT professionals take care of the high quality of the two platforms that characterise modern transport management.

2014 to 2024
Volatile times demand agile solutions

At a time when digitalisation is gaining momentum and various crises demand agility, LKW WALTER proves its resilience. With solution-orientated approaches, customers can always rely on the highest quality during Brexit, Covid and other tenuous situations. With over 14,000 of ist own trailers and an increasingly dense network in combined transport, this is establishing itself as the sustainable solution for European freight transport. With digital solutions such as real-time visibility, SaaS solutions and the gradual digitalisation of the supply chain, LKW WALTER is once again taking on a pioneering role.



Off we go into
the next 100 years

Off we go into
the next 100 years