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Together WE LOAD.

Together we move goods and have everything under control. We have a comprehensive range of loads throughout Europe and support our partners with modern solutions such as our LOADS TODAY carrier portal and many other carrier services. With LKW WALTER, the specialist for FULL TRUCK LOADS, you can benefit from the advantages of a market leader in the European transport sector on and off the road.
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Extensive network of available loads
  • Optimal utilisation
  • Permanent work
  • Preferred routes
  • Easy ordering
  • Personal contact person

Permanent work

Our 3 models.

Round trip

The round trip model consists of your vehicles driving continually between two countries. You can decide which route you want to operate. This model is characterised by the continual employment of your trucks. You benefit from long-term predictable, secure opportunities to earn and more profit due to optimised empty mileage.

One way

Do you have your own export or import customers on one-way routes and are you looking for return loads? Easily and flexibly organise your missing load with LKW WALTER and maximise the utilisation of your vehicles. Plan your transports using our selection of loads in the verified freight exchange LOADS TODAY NOW as well.

Trailer trucking in Combined Transport

You want to work with your tractor units just locally? As a trucking partner you will pull our cranable trailers between the rail and ferry terminals and the loading and unloading points of our customers. With this type of cooperation your tractor unit is in permanent use and you don't need your own trailer. With trailer trucking you will also make an active contribution to Combined Transport.


We move up to 8,000 full truck loads every day.

We move up to 8,000 full truck loads every day.

Our carrier services

Carrier Portal

Carrier Portal LOADS TODAY

LOADS TODAY is the digital hub for all activities and transports that occur in the everyday life of a carrier.

Loads Today NOW

LOADS TODAY NOW: The modern freight exchange

LKW WALTER's verified freight exchange gives you access to our wide range of loads and you can buy loads with just a few clicks.


LKW WALTER fuel card

LKW WALTER offers fuel cards with special benefits for transport partners. From affordable prices to easy administration.

Truck Buddy


Flat tyre or oil change overdue? Benefit from a Europe-wide repair and maintenance service with breakdown service for trailers and tractor units.

WLG Center


Our sister company offers many popular brands for leasing or hire purchase of new and used trailers at top conditions.

You decide where you drive

Loads from/to Western Europe

Loads from/to Western Europe

Looking for a load in Portugal, across the English Channel to Great Britain, in Greece or Scandinavia? Or perhaps in the industrial countries of Germany, France, Spain, Italy and BENELUX? Then LKW WALTER has the right load for you!


  • More profit due to optimised empty mileage
  • Short loading and unloading times
  • Suitable loads for mega trailers

Loads from/to Eastern Europe

When looking for a return load to Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czechia or Slovakia or any other Eastern European country, there is only one answer: LKW WALTER!

  • More than 60 years experience in Eastern European transport
  • Personal contact who speaks your language
  • Time saving with only one loading and unloading point
Loads from/to Eastern Europe
Loads from/to Russia
Restricted Services

Loads from/to Russia

LKW WALTER always has the right load to Russia and vice versa!

No matter where from in Europe: We ship to Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as Yekaterinburg or Vladivostok - LKW WALTER gets your fleet moving!


  • We speak Russian

Loads from/to Central Asia

If you're looking for loads to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan? Then you've come to the right place!

LKW WALTER always has loads from and to Central Asia, no matter which European country they are coming from or going to!


  • Competent support in customs matters
  • Efficient communication in all languages
  • Competent support in the transport process
Loads from/to Central Asia
Loads from/to the Caucasus

Loads from/to the Caucasus

LKW WALTER always has loads to the Caucasus, from all European countries and vice versa! Be it Armenia, Azerbaijan or Georgia!


  • Competent support in customs matters
  • Communication in all Western and Eastern European languages
  • High mileage

Loads from/to the Middle East

LKW WALTER always has loads to the Middle East!

Benefit from our extensive network of load services through the Middle Eastern region. Be it Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia or Qatar!


  • Competent support in customs matters
  • Communication in all Western and Eastern European languages
  • Competent support in the transport process
Loads from/to the Middle East
Loads from/to North Africa

Loads from/to North Africa

If you are looking for loads from Morocco and Tunisia, then you're in the right place! Be it Marrakech, Tunis, Sfax or Kairouan.


  • Permanent work
  • Secure and fast payment
  • No own trailer required




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