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Grimaldi Group
Duurzaamheid januari 2021

Green Transport ahoy!

With the Eco Valencia, Grimaldi Group has recently put its first-ever hybrid RoRo vessel into service for transports between Italy and Spain. LKW WALTER was on board the maiden voyage with several trailers and has also secured long-term capacity.

The 500 berth capacity Eco Valencia is the largest RoRo vessel in the Mediterranean. It is twice the size of the ships currently used by Grimaldi Group. And that's not all. The Italian Shipping Register has awarded this marvel of modern ship technology the class rating "Green Plus" for its exceptional environmental credentials. In fact, the Eco Valencia consumes only half as much fuel as conventional ships in relation to its capacity and emits zero CO2 in port. This is because modern lithium batteries cover all energy requirements while the ship is at berth, and they get recharged by wave generators and a 600 m2 solar panel during the voyage.


For LKW WALTER, the commissioning of the Eco Valencia is an absolute stroke of luck. This innovation on the high seas means that we can further expand our leading position as a provider of environmentally friendly transport solutions, while at the same time being able to secure additional freight space. The latter is also the reason why we will be expanding our trailer fleet in the Mediterranean by an additional 300 trailers in 2021; this will enable us to further increase supply security for our customers.


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