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Durabilité novembre 2023

Electric Trucks: a week of practical testing

For cars, the electric motor is now more than just an alternative. But what about trucks? Despite high purchase costs, short ranges and more weight, the technology is predicted to have a promising future in freight transport. As a pioneer of alternative transport options such as combined transport, LKW WALTER is naturally also concerned with alternative fuels and drives. This has resulted in various tests, such as the recent test week with a battery-powered VOLVO truck (BEV) in Poland.

The test period: one week purely electric


We were among the first transport organisations able to extensively test the BEV truck from the manufacturer Volvo. Together with a Polish transport partner, over the course of a week, multiple transports were completed on longer routes. The technology showed definite promise for the future; up to 629 km could be covered per day. The highlight: a saving of more than 1,600 kg of CO2 emissions over a distance of 2,435 km. That’s a saving of more than 65 per cent compared to a diesel vehicle.

Why are we doing this?

With more than 558,000 transports in combined transport (2022) and more than 350 departures per day, LKW WALTER has been fulfilling its responsibility for a green future in European freight transport for years. Nevertheless, there is still a great deal of development potential: in pre- and on-carriage, we see an opportunity with battery-powered vehicles to develop emission-free corridors. We are expanding our testing and hope to reach another milestone for combined transport in the near future.