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Chemical industry

Chemical transports - High safety standards for your transports

Is reliability a top priority for you with every transport? Then you're surely looking for a partner who offers quality, safety and environmental sustainability at the highest level, regardless of transport volumes. LKW WALTER is that partner.


The supply chain in the chemical industry is very complex. It ranges from the refining of raw materials to the finished product. Within this supply chain, LKW WALTER specialises in the transport of packaged polymers such as PE, PP or PET.

Each year, we organise more than 325,000 full truck loads for the chemical industry.

7 good reasons for our collaboration

  • LKW WALTER carries out transports throughout Europe, Russia, Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, regardless of your company's location.


    When it comes to safety and reliability, choosing the right transport organisation is twice as important. Our own quality requirements are equally high in these two areas. Therefore, with LKW WALTER you can always rely on stable safety standards for international transports.


    With more than 15,000 trucks, we handle loads throughout Europe, Russia, Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East according to your requirements.

    Products and Services

  • Our transport solutions are tailored to your specific requirements. Expect maximum flexibility and optimum transit times.


    Last-minute changes need a fast, easy and reliable response. Thanks to our years of experience with transports in the chemical industry, we are able to do just that. Specifically, LKW WALTER provides you with sufficient loading capacity at the right time and place. Our employees plan the fastest routes for you and ensure an optimal transport process.

  • Combined transport

    Taking responsibility for the environment is a long-standing tradition at LKW WALTER, as is the uncompromising orientation to customer requirements. Which is why we are constantly developing the Combined Transport Rail / Road and Short-Sea / Road.


    LKW WALTER is one of the pioneers in Combined Transport and has been investing in its development since 1984. Today, we organise more than 300 departures a day on more than 250 short-sea and rail routes. At the same time, we are expanding our European-wide Combined Transport network. On one hand, to adapt the capacities to the increasing demand. On the other hand, to meet our high ecological standards.


    Your advantages in Combined Transport:


    • Payload up to 29 tonnes
    • Telematics systems in all trailers
    • No traffic jams and driving bans
    • Easy and safe loading
    • Environmentally-friendly transport solution

    Combined transport




  • Best trained drivers

    Only drivers who fulfil the SQAS requirements work for LKW WALTER. For transports for the chemical industry, only professionals who are trained to BBS guidelines are at the wheel.


    The use of trained and reliable drivers increases the transport quality and the transport safety. Which is why in the chemical industry we only work with selected drivers, who have been trained according to BBS guidelines.


    By observing, actively training and communicating with drivers, LKW WALTER constantly improves safety in road transport. During information and training days, we regularly brief drivers on load securing and correct behaviour in road transport.

  • For LKW WALTER ecological responsibility is a commitment to present and future generations. That's why we have defined it as an important corporate goal. We do everything we can to minimise the environmental impact.


    Our activities go far beyond complying with environmental laws and regulations. With numerous measures we succeed in continuously contributing to the improvement of environmental protection:


    • LKW WALTER has had its environmental management certified to ISO 14001.
    • "GREEN transport": In addition to environmentally-friendly equipment, we continuously invest in expanding the Combined Transport network.
    • SHEQ Management: The integrated management system summarises the continuous improvement in the areas of safety, heath, environment and quality.
    • SQAS: LKW WALTER is evaluated according to the standards of the European Chemical Industry Association.
    • LKW WALTER is a member of the "Responsible Care" initiative for sustainable business.


    Social responsibility

  • When transporting, not every danger can be anticipated. But you can minimise the risks with a proactive partner like LKW WALTER. Our trained employees have the right solution for every situation and always have everything under control.


    LKW WALTER develops preventive measures to reduce sources of risk and uses the Near Miss approach. In other words: the systematic handling of hidden dangers or risk potential is part of every transport solution from LKW WALTER.


    We support you with:


    • Risk assessment of the transport process
    • Route analysis
    • Development of preventative measures
  • LKW WALTER trailer on industrial premises

    We have the right equipment for transporting more than 325,000 full truck loads annually in the chemical industry. We organise road transport by truck with 13.6 m tautliners as standard.


    More safety on Europe's streets is very important to us. So we use state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, we comply with the BBS guidelines for the safe loading and unloading of road goods vehicles.


    Trailer standards:


    • Tautliner certified according to EN 12642 XL
    • Telematics GPS positioning system
    • Loading capacity up to 25 tonnes on the road or up to 29 tonnes intermodal

    Equipment available for combined transport

Loading - Truck

"Chemistry" fact box

  • In 1856 Ignacy Łukasiewicz opened the first refinery.
  • Polyethylene was created by chance by Hans von Pechmann in 1898.
  • Polypropylene was first synthesised in 1954.
  • The discoverers of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are John Rex Whinfield and J. T. Dickson.
  • PET consists of crude oil or natural gas and can be fully recycled.
  • More than 144 billion PET bottles are produced worldwide every year.

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