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API Catalog

Find our listing of API solutions for our transport partners below. Learn about their capabilities and get the API specification, so you can implement the API into your own transport management system. We advise you to always use the most recent (newest) version of an API.

Read our factsheet to get detailed information about our APIs and learn about the changes of each version. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] and kindly always mention your partner number in the subject.

How to get our free APIs

The basic requirement for an API is that you're an active transport partner of LKW WALTER. If this is the case, you can request access directly from your transport manager.


  • With our transport order API, you can receive all transport orders directly into your transport management system. It allows fetching all transport orders, only specific transport orders or only transport orders, which have changed since your last query. You can also download a PDF copy of each transport.

    API specification for version 4 (Swagger UI)

    API specification for version 3 (Swagger UI)

    API specification for version 2 (Swagger UI)

    API specification for version 1 (Swagger UI)
  • With our transport status update API, you can send updates for your transports directly from your transport management system. You can let us know that you have arrived at the loading place, that you have finished the loading, that you have departed and much more. Furthermore, you can let us know, when you have swapped the truck or trailer and send us the new license plates.

    API specification (Swagger UI)
  • With our freight documents API, you can see, which freight documents are required for your transports and then send these freight documents directly from your transport management system.

    API specification (Swagger UI)