LKW WALTER's APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the ideal tool for making transport data and information available quickly and efficiently.

More connectivity with our APIs

As a Transport Partner at LKW WALTER you can benefit today from the digital standard of the future. It's our goal to make daily work in the transport sector easier and more efficient for everyone involved. Our free APIs are the ideal tool to achieve this. They allow a direct data flow between you as a Transport Partner and us. It doesn't matter whether you use a self-developed or a standard TMS (Transport Management System): with our interfaces important data and information can be exchanged directly - without any time-consuming processing activities.

With the free APIs our Transport Partners receive all relevant transport data directly into their own IT system.

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a standardised interface between two computer systems. With the interface to LKW WALTER important transport information is exchanged directly between your system and ours. Manual steps such as sending an e-mail or transferring and entering data into your own system are no longer necessary. This results in many advantages for you which make your everyday work more efficient.

Your advantages with an API

With an API manually entering relevant information such as the order number, loading and unloading points or the type of goods into your own system is a thing of the past. Thanks to the direct exchange of information with LKW WALTER's system our transport partners benefit from information at the touch of a button, saving a lot of time and money.
All information in real time directly into your system. Time saving: transport orders are automatically transferred. More efficiency: human resources are freed up. Reduction of errors in data collection. Free data exchange via our API.

Our strategic partners

If you choose a Transport Management System from one of our strategic partners you will have the API connection with LKW WALTER included as standard*. The partners listed here represent a small selection but our API connection can be carried out by any provider. If you already have a Transport Management System speak to your provider about the API connection with LKW WALTER.



*The provision of data in the API is free of charge. However, additional costs from the provider (e.g. for one-off production) may occur.

How to get a free API

The basic requirement for an API is that you're an active Transport Partner of LKW WALTER. If this is the case, you can request access directly from your Transport Manager.

This is how it works

Send us the name and e-mail address of your employee responsible for technical matters.
LKW WALTER will clear you for data retrieval. You will receive all the necessary information including technical documentation. This means that we have taken care of all the precautions for your access.
Now all you have to do is integrate the API into your own IT system. Important: you have to initiate this step!
Please contact your transport manager at LKW WALTER.