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Transport Monitoring
Digitalisering januar 2022

New in CONNECT: Track your orders with RTV!

Transport Monitoring in our portal CONNECT is already a practical tool available to our clients. In particular, the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) function has progressed positively, providing users directly with accurate & transparent arrival times. We are now pleased to announce that this function is expanding with RTV (Real Time Visibility). Using real-time data, the order tracking will actively update with the current position being displayed in CONNECT. This advancement will benefit all clients wishing to optimise their processes & workflow. We have briefly summarised this & all further advantages below:

Advantage #1: Workflow Optimisation

Whether you are a managing director or a warehouse & logistics supervisor, with RTV in place, your time can be used more efficiently. Our clients can keep an eye on all their transports at all times.

Advantage #2: Transparency

With the help of RTV, we not only optimize the transport process, but also offer our customers the opportunity to react more quickly to any changes. Processes linked to the truck’s arrival can be adjusted & optimised – for example, loading bays prepped in advance.

Advantage #3: Visible Data 24/7

Mobility is one of the greatest achievements in the modern world of work. Suppose you are going on a well-deserved holiday or have to check on an important delivery over the weekend: with RTV, CONNECT users can access their orders whenever & wherever it suits them. You never have to worry about missing an update & action being required – you can always stay in the loop.

Advantage #4: It is free!

RTV is not just another step into the digitalised transport sector with LKW WALTER. It is also a thank you to loyal customers, whose customer experience will be improved each day with such features. RTV as a part of Transport Monitoring is free of charge and can now be used by all customers in our CONNECT portal.

Advantage #5: This is only the beginning.

Last but not least, LKW WALTER has been continuously promoting the topic of digitalisation for years. This means that our customers can look forward to constant optimisation and expansion of features in the future. We see these improvements as an important part of our service in order to meet demanding requirements using the best technology on the market.

This is how to test RTV:

Do you already have CONNECT access and want to test RTV? Click here.
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